Tiffanie King is not just an educator – she is also a lifelong learner. From the time she earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2002, she has not stopped working to increase her knowledge. She has earned her NC Teacher’s Certification, her Master’s of Education degree, as well as several certifications within the fields of Hospitality and Diversity and Inclusion. In fact, Tiffanie comments that one thing that excites her about her current role is that she learns as much from others as they learn from her.

Tiffanie’s job is Culinary Arts educator, where she works with the Alamance Burlington School System’s Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC). Through her role as Culinary Arts Educator, she has developed innovative and groundbreaking businesses and services for students within Cummings High School, created a Culinary Arts Scholarship Award, been recognized as CTEC Teacher of the year, earned 100% and 99% proficiency on NC Post Assessment scores, and partnered with local businesses to maximize the work of her Culinary Arts students throughout the community.

While Tiffanie’s full-time role is Culinary Arts educator, she has a strong desire to combine her classroom knowledge and skills with her passion for community engagement to bring opportunities and programs to high school students. She has done just that not only in her full-time role but through working with the Dream Center’s Community Kitchen, the Healthy Alamance Board of Directors, and King’s Hospitality Group, LLC. Through her work with the Dream Center’s Community Kitchen, she has guided and mentored five bakers who are now able to sell their baked goods in more retail locations, and two of these bakers have opened storefronts in Burlington. Through the kitchen and Tiffanie’s leadership, three have been able to leave their full-time work as they’ve seen their businesses grow and become more profitable.

A supporter of Tiffanie’s nomination writes “Tiffanie’s incredible knowledge and relentless enthusiasm is making dreams come true for students and in the community. She is someone that people are drawn to and she is a great advocate and friend to everyone she works with. She is a warm, fun, energetic, and compassionate person. Her leadership and passion to help others has made a great impact in our community. She works in many areas and serves our community at her church, in her neighborhood, through her extended family, and the [Community] kitchen. She is constantly seeking ways to help support and advocate for all members of our community. Tiffanie is a person of incredibly strong character and someone that others turn to for leadership and as a trusted leader in the community”.

Despite growing up in foster care, working multiple jobs, and being diagnosed with cancer halfway through college, Tiffanie has kept going. She has been motivated by the Bible verse Romans 8:28 “and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose”, and she lives to tell others that no matter what you face in life, you can make it if you put your heart into it!