Susana Goldman is a self-proclaimed avid reader, promoter of reading and one with a love for the library.  She has been an unfailing and passionate advocate for equity of services and resources at both the professional and personal level.  Susana has worked in the Alamance County Public Library system since 2014 but nearly all of her professional career has been in library services.  She is involved in Library Administration, Library Management, Librarians and Children’s Manager Teams where she makes policy and procedure decisions and determines new service and resource offerings to the public. 

Susana has a special skill and takes pleasure in grant writing and has prepared grants of varying size for Alamance County Public Libraries. Goldman said she loves being involved in the community and being able to get the public library system out into the community.  She has successfully launched the mobile library project.  The Mobile Library travels county-wide, providing the same services as the physical library branches. Users of the Mobile Library may place items on hold, have them delivered, and pick them up the next time the Mobile Library comes to their area. Shelves can be browsed our shelves, which are stocked with popular fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, and magazines. There is even story time offered at some stops. This project was four years in the making. Goldman said being in the community and visible is “super important for the library”.  but then to be able to connect people with the resources or the technology, in some small ways as well.”

In her effort to connect people with the resources and technology they need, Susana has been engaged in several other initiatives, including but not limited to Mobile Library Café providing internet service to rural areas of Alamance County, discontinuation of fines for overdue books to ensure the library is available to all and align with the library’s vision of creating communities and providing opportunities, and programming to enhance education and literacy.

Susana is a member of the North Carolina Public Library Directors Association (Website committee), Alamance County Racial Equity Collaboration, Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build Committee, and a board member of Alamance Partnership for Children.  Susana noted one of the mantras to which she ascribes is “Life is like a camera.  Focus on what’s important.  Capture the good times; and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”