Serving the needs of children and families is at the heart of what Casey Locker does every day as a young attorney in Alamance County.  She serves on the executive committee of Alamance County Bar Association and tenaciously fights for the clients she represents. Casey goes above and beyond representing women who have been involved in cycles of poverty, domestic abuse, violence and addiction. 

She doesn’t stop with the legal service, as Chair of the board for the Exchange Club Family Center of the Central Piedmont, Casey advocates for their mission to “break the cycle of child abuse and neglect”. The Exchange Club offers programs such as adolescent parenting, support, teen solutions classes, counseling and juvenile mentoring.  During the last five years she has been guardian ad litem with a family in Durham county. 

As a recent nominee for the Women’s Resource Center’s Rising Star Award, Casey was asked the question: What are you currently doing that excites you? Her answer: “I am representing parents in a court fight for another opportunity to parent their children. Helping them overcome obstacles and what, at times, feels like insurmountable hurdles is one of my biggest driving factors to practice family law.”

One of Casey’s favorite life mantras is: “Today you are enough. You are more than enough.”

A dedicated, loyal professional Casey Locker is Leading the Way for women in Alamance County!