Though Marcy Green’s resume is impressive, Marcy’s nominator writes “her effect in the community cannot be measured by bullets on a resume”. From Impact Alamance to Family Abuse Services and other organizations in the community, to her church to her family and friends, and beyond, Marcy displays a quiet, behind-the-scenes commitment to Alamance County.

As Vice President of Programs for Impact Alamance, Marcy spends her days not just strategically managing grant programs through that organization but partnering with other organizations to maximize the impacts of their grants as well. She serves an important role in the community as she convenes community partners and organizations around the key needs of the Alamance County community. Marcy was an integral part of the Elon Year of Service Fellowship, a program that pairs Elon University graduates with community partners to tackle challenges in health, education, and economic development in Alamance County. Currently, Marcy is leading Impact Alamance through the important work of bringing a racial equity lens to the internal and external work of the organization. Understanding the importance of creating an internal culture that values inclusion and diversity, Marcy works toward integrating these values into programs and investments. She oversees the Alamance County Racial Equity Co-Lab and is excited to see how current and past participants engage with each other to further the issue of racial equity in Alamance County.

Through her role as Board Chair for Family Abuse Services, Marcy never wavers in her focus on the agency’s mission, consistently modeling leadership behaviors that promote productive and positive change. She has spent many hours with the Board of Directors and as the Board Chair, working to advance solutions that are the best for the Alamance County community and its citizens. She recently displayed tremendous faith and courage as she led that organization through the hiring process of a new Executive Director.

One of Marcy’s strengths as a leader within Impact Alamance and within the Alamance Community is her mentorship of those who cross her path, particularly young female leaders. Whether co-workers, individuals in reporting relationships, or other leaders in the community, Marcy listens and freely offers information, counsel, and ideas. Even years after being in mentoring relationships, people continue to reach out to Marcy and she continues to impact their lives. One of Marcy’s mentees writes that Marcy “was one of the first people who I felt like believed in me and my potential”. When asked what she would tell her high school/ college self, Marcy answered “You were created to do great things and make a difference in people’s lives”. This is the message that Marcy believes and imparts to those young female leaders whose paths she crosses.

From her work within her professional position to her impact beyond, there is no doubt that Marcy is truly doing great things and making a difference in the lives of many in Alamance County and beyond.