Women's Resource Center in Alamance County

“I’m a native of Alamance County,” said Jackie Cole, Program Director of the North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center and  Chair of the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Retirement Ministries (Twin Lakes). “I was born and raised here and was taught to be involved in my community as a child, and so the transition into my career of serving others was an easy transition.”

Cole is a member of several additional boards in Alamance County, while also organizing Meals on Wheels within her church. She balances these responsibilities while prioritizing her family. “You should always have to make time for your family and for yourself – just the simple things like enjoying nature and working in your garden. You should never lose sight of those things.”  Her easy smile brightens at the mention of her husband, Steve and her son, Parker.

She recalls her parents’ influence as being the most significant throughout her life, but also recognizes the impact of the many people she comes into contact with every day. “Everyone I come across is a sort of mentor. I choose to learn from the both positive and negative actions of people – and I’m still learning. You give your 100 percent and you might not be the best, but you’re giving your best. I learn every day from those I work with and those around me,” Cole said.

Cole chooses to view her many roles not as jobs, but as opportunities to do what she is most passionate about: changing the lives of adults and children within the community. “The NC Therapeutic Riding Center currently serves around 74 adults and children each week. Twin Lakes consists of a large senior population, which I love to serve. I’m most passionate about these two things, although I would like to dabble in public education again after having been a board member for 12 years, yet I don’t know what that looks like moving forward,” Cole said. “Opportunities just seem to find me!”  Her warm, friendly personality welcomes those opportunities that come along.

Jackie Cole has made it a priority to pursue a service-oriented life, particularly within the nonprofit sector and is excited about the continued success and growth of Twin Lakes and the NC Therapeutic Riding Center. Ultimately, Cole looks forward to future opportunities to assist and come alongside others and a thriving community within Alamance County.

“If no one was involved in serving the people of Alamance County, this county would go backwards. Rather than turn a blind eye or only complain, we must be involved in the community,” Jackie said. “Everybody needs to find a purpose in their community and serve in the best way they can.”