Emily Sharpe, Wellness Program Manager for TIAA Financial Services has earned awards for her program including Certified Healthy Workplace Leader by HealthLinks.  TIAA is recognized as one of Working Mother 100 Best Companies due in part to the wellness program.  She personally advocated for more lactation rooms and a mode for shipping breast milk for moms who are traveling. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she created training for employees around how to manage the new and ever-changing challenges.

Emily is the current President of the Alamance County Service League where she leads and inspires women to volunteer and fundraise for the Special Services Fund and other community needs. During her tenure she has chaired the Holly Days fundraiser that directly supports families in Alamance County who are struggling to make ends meet.  She created the Families in Transition program to be a resource for ABSS for local homeless families with school aged children. 

Emily is an elected official serving on the Elon Board of Aldermen.  Her position is unique as she is the only young female Alderman and her platform supports young families in Alamance County.  Emily’s insight is always with families and women in mind and her energies concentrate on supporting small business to encourage development of the town in commerce and growth.

She was asked as a current nominee for the Women’s Resource Center’s Rising Star Award, “What have you done recently that required you to be courageous?” Her response: “Recently, an act of hate took place in our town.  As an Alderwoman, I believed it was our duty as a Board to come out against the act that took place.  The Board did not agree.  I put out my own statement.  Being the only female on our Board, I often feel that I need to make my voice heard, sometimes force for my voice to be heard.  I will continue doing so even when it isn’t easy.”

Emily Leads the Way in Alamance County using her voice, skills and talents to courageously advocate for the health and wellbeing of families at work and in her community!