What does the member of a Cone Health team who is providing COVID-19 testing on a daily basis do in her spare time?  She keeps going by giving back to make her community safe and more equitable.  Dejuana Warren-Bigelow is well-regarded as a leader in the black community.  She has established Women Empower Women, a not-for-profit that brings together individuals and community partners to provide assistance for women. 

In 2017, she partnered with other local people to bring hope to the Morrowtown community in Burlington, an area plagued with violence, drugs and poverty.  Morrowtown was the site of several unsolved murders, including Dejuana’s brother.

Dejuana participated in an Elon forum: The Core: Conversations on Race and Equity to address some of our community’s most pressing problems. 

More recently, Dejuana was one of the founders of Future Alamance a not-for-profit promoting unity among residents through economic opportunity, educational access, civic engagement and equity while celebrating the rich cultural diversity of all people.  She sought the support of the local police department to assist in improving the racial issues and issues of violence.  Dejuana communicated effectively and frequently with the police department during the planning of a rally bringing together about 400 people in a safe manner to promote a peaceful and positive impact in our community.

As a current Rising Star Nominee of Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County she was asked when she has recently done that required courage. Her answer: “I’m working at the COVID-19 testing site for ARMC. Everyday I wake up to serve and encourage our community. Being in a pandemic, while working in healthcare requires bravery and a servant’s heart. Being able to support my mother as she faces cancer has also taken courage.”

Dejuana is Leading the Way by setting the bar high not only for Alamance County but for herself as well!