Bethany has served in numerous roles since graduating from East Carolina University.  However, there seems to be a trend of working with people and of helping people.  She has demonstrated her ability to build community partnerships, starting with her time at Aymira Healthcare Technologies through her time with Family Abuse Services.  While at Family Abuse Services, Bethany partnered with the Alamance Health Department and RHA Peer Support staff to create a new Harm Reduction Safety Plan for substance abuse survivors.

In reflection, Bethany said, “I believe that my social and moral courage has grown to be a personal strength.”  This statement is evident in her work as an activist for women’s rights, people with disabilities, harm reduction, and LGBTQIA, to name a few. 

She is a thoughtful problem-solver and an impactful leader in Alamance County.  Although her resolve to help others is strong, Bethany is able to practice self-care, so she can face each day and the opportunities it brings with dedication.  She has a can-do attitude and is extremely resourceful.  Furthermore, she has ensured that protocol appendices that may be given to clients of Family Abuse Services have been translated into Spanish – just another example of Bethany thinking of the needs of others.  Alamance County is better because of her.